Caesura 2015 Sneak Peek!

While we wait for Caesura to come back from the print shop, here’s a sneak peek of this year’s issue:

by Kathryn Carlsen

She is patient as a building abandoned, waiting
for the tenants to relocate in the recent
vacant rooms, yet mindful of the hovering wrecking
ball waiting to destroy it. She is a bird caged,
singing softly the sorrows of being sealed away
in her protective prison. She is empty as a
fairground in the heat of summer, walking lone
the crowded paths, meandering, the children
dancing from booth to booth, surrounded
by smiling families yet absent from her own. Her life
is the wavering murmurs and shouts of the winds. She stalks
the girls smarter, lovelier, friendlier than her, mocking
their movements, stealing their faces, cloaking
her own with theirs.


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